I am stronger than this; stronger than anything.

Have a child and then try actively to ruin their life in different ways.

Was this what they were thinking when they first wanted to have a ‘family’? 

22 years old. Still struggling with their controlling, name-calling, insulting, manipulating… When will this end.

I’m going to a festival tomorrow. I’ll be out ‘til Saturday. 

I really want to go and have fun, but a part of me feels guilty for being out for three days when the semester is almost over and there’s just so much to do =/.

Anyway, I guess I’ll work like crazy on Sunday!

I’ll be back! xoxo

Stéphane Paut ( Alcest )

Stéphane Paut ( Alcest )

Fiery Throated Hummingbird.


When a carnist says plants feel pain too